The Lucky One: Review

Posted 23/04/2012


The Lucky One
With ‘The Lucky One,’ Zac Efron branches out of teen-heartthrob territory to play a battle-hardened U.S. Marine—but don’t worry, ladies, he’ll still make you swoon. This story of two people destined to find each other is the latest film adaptation of a novel by über-romantic author Nicholas Sparks, and true to form, there’s plenty of sigh-inducing passion.

Efron, who beefed up by 20 pounds and buzzed his hair for the role, plays Sergeant Logan Thibault, who discovers a photo of a beautiful blonde while serving his third tour of duty in Iraq. When he miraculously survives multiple brushes with death to make it home safe, Logan walks across the U.S., from Colorado to Louisiana, to find the mystery woman he considers his lucky charm. But he’s unable to explain why he showed up at her door. A romance blossoms with Beth (Schilling), the divorced single mom of a young son, but Logan’s secret—and Beth’s jealous ex-husband—threaten to destroy their new life together.

It’s great to see Efron take on a grown-up role with gravitas, inhabiting a character psychically scarred by war. And Schilling, a relative newcomer to the big screen, flawlessly captures Beth’s rollercoaster ride of shifting emotions on her expressive face. Blythe Danner, as Beth’s wise and slightly mischievous grandmother Ellie, is an utterly charming screen presence—although it’s hard to see the ageless actress as the grandmother of anyone older than her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids!

Although some of the plot details seem far-fetched—we mentioned how he walked across the U.S., right?—that seems to fit with the movie’s theme that everyone has a one-of-a-kind destiny to pursue. ‘The Lucky One’ will give hopeless romantics fresh hope that true love is out there.

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