The Last Stand: Review

Posted 27/05/2013


The Last Stand

Photo Credit: Merrick Morton

You might think that taking time out from action movies to work a desk job as, say, governor of California would leave a 65-year-old man a little rusty when it comes to doing stunts. But you would be wrong—at least, when it comes to living legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. ‘The Last Stand’ proves the onetime Terminator is still an expert at dodging bullets, taking out baddies, and making witty quips while doing so.

Ah-nuld plays Sheriff Ray Owens, a former LAPD narcotics officer who retired to a quiet border town in Arizona after an operation went wrong and lives were lost. But he encounters violence again when drug kingpin Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) escapes the FBI’s clutches and makes a run for the border in an insanely fast Corvette. Aided by an inexperienced motley crew of deputies, Owens must stop the fugitive.

With lots of shoot-em-up mayhem and frequent flashes of humour, ‘The Last Stand’ is a fast-paced and totally satisfying popcorn movie. Johnny Knoxville, as a local kook who collects vintage weapons, makes a great foil for the stone-faced Schwarzenegger, and Luis Guzman (as deputy Mike ‘Figgy’ Figuerola) is always a welcome onscreen presence.

He may be eligible for retirement himself, but don’t expect ‘The Last Stand’ to be Schwarzenegger’s last turn as an action hero. This movie shows he’s still a larger-than-life superman. As the bad guy learns the hard way, you don’t call Arnold ‘old man’ and get away with it.

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