Ted: Review

Posted 26/11/2012


If the only thing you knew about ‘Ted’ was the premise—a little boy’s Christmas wish brings his beloved teddy bear to life—you might assume it’s a sweet, sentimental family film. But once you find out that ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane wrote, directed, and co-stars, you won’t be shocked to hear that it’s shockingly crass and inappropriate...and totally freakin’ hilarious.

‘Ted’ opens in 1985, when lonely kid John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) gets a stuffed bear for Christmas and wishes for him to talk. Presto! Teddy becomes a living, talking personality (voiced by MacFarlane) and John’s constant companion. Flash forward to 2012: John and Ted are still best buddies...except now the magic bear is a crass, beer-swilling slacker, and John is an underachiever whose greatest accomplishment to date is winning the love of beautiful, successful Lori (Mila Kunis). She’s convinced that Ted is holding her boyfriend back from becoming a mature adult—which means John has to choose between his lifelong pal and the love of his life.

Like the title character, ‘Ted’ is intentionally rude, crude, and offensive. It’s also a blast, with too many outrageous, LOL-worthy moments to count—both in the dialogue and the many sight gags with the bear acting human. (A fight sequence between John and Ted is particularly riotous.) Wahlberg and MacFarlane are a fantastic comic duo, and Kunis manages to make the extremely silly premise work as an actual plotline. Plus, the bond between man and bear comes across as surprisingly heartfelt. Nobody would describe ‘Ted’ as a family movie, but by the end you’ll realize that despite the envelope-pushing humour, it actually is kind of sweet and sentimental. (Er, emphasis on ‘kind of’.)

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