Safe House: Review

Posted 11/06/2012


Safe House
‘Safe House’ is an adrenaline-fuelled action thriller that pairs Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington as adversaries turned uneasy allies. As in any good spy movie, the story revolves around a cat-and-mouse game...but this one keeps you guessing as to who’s the cat and who’s the mouse.

Matt Weston (Reynolds) is a rookie CIA agent stuck in a dull entry-level post as safe-house ‘housekeeper’ and longing for an exciting assignment. Needless to say, when infamous rogue agent Tobin Frost (Washington) checks in, Weston gets more excitement than he bargained for—we’re talking shootouts, car chases, explosions, the works. When they’re forced to flee, he’s tasked with keeping Frost safe from ruthless, heavily armed pursuers...but who are they and why do they want him?

A satisfyingly twisty and suspenseful popcorn flick, ‘Safe House’ offers nonstop action as well as an engaging rapport between the two leads. While Washington probably won’t win another Oscar for this one, the movie is an entertaining thrill ride.

- It’s always fun to see beloved actor Washington play a baddie. At 47, he hasn’t lost any of his magnetic screen presence—he gives 35-year-old hottie Reynolds a run for his, er, hotness.

- The romantic subplot feels tacked on, the ending is rather pat, and our hero—and antihero—dodge an implausible number of bullets. But hey, that’s all true of most action movies!

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