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Safe Haven: Review

Posted 01/03/2013


Safe Haven

Photo Credit: James Bridges

The latest book based on a Nicholas Sparks novel follows his usual narrative: Two people fall in love despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But if you think you know exactly what will happen in this one, think again!

'Safe Haven' finds Katie (Julianne Hough), on the run from her troubled and abusive past, relocating to a small North Carolina town, where she falls in love with Alex (Josh Duhamel), a recent widower raising two young kids on his own. Both are seemingly hesitant to get involved at first, but eventually fall for one another…just at the moment when Katie's past tracks her down to her new location.

Hough and Duhamel have no problem finding chemistry (hot people never have that problem, do they?), though their age difference is noticeable. The plot struggles to get moving throughout the first half of the film, but once it finds its momentum there are a few twists thrown in that will fend off any claims of predictability.

Of course, no matter the plotline, hopeless romantics will watch 'Safe Haven' just to swoon at the passionate make-out scenes between Hough and Duhamel. We wouldn't be surprised if the 'Nicholas Sparks effect' further raises Duhamel's stock as an actor and a heartthrob. Ryan Gosling did 'The Notebook' and has since gone on to be one of Hollywood's hottest commodities. Channing Tatum did 'Dear John' and then went on a tear with a string of blockbusters showcasing his surprise versatility (and his amazing bod). Josh, we've got our eyes on you!

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