Prometheus: Review

Posted 06/06/2012


What began as a prequel to his 1979 classic ‘Alien’ turned into a brilliant stand-alone film in ‘Prometheus.’ The final film merely gives a nod of appreciation to the original, which will satisfy all the fan-boys out there, but more importantly will draw in and captivate audience members who have never seen or heard of ‘Alien’.

‘Prometheus’ finds a team of explorers journeying to the darkest and most terrifying parts of the universe in order to further research clues about the origins of mankind on Earth. Unfortunately for them, they find answers to some of their questions, and are thrust into a battle to save the future of the human race.

Charlize Theron has a proven track record of playing cold-hearted and calculated as a leading lady. She rises to the task once again as Vickers, a commanding authority throughout the ship regardless of what her rank is among the crew. Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of robot David is eerily great, and Sigourney Weaver (the original bad-ass space lady) herself could applaud Noomi Rapace’s performance as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the constant reminder of why humanity is worth saving.

Although it pokes at some really heady material--Greek mythology; why do humans exist and how did we get here--the film really only scratches that surface. But what it lacks in that arena it makes up for with brilliant cinematography.

Scott creates a world with breathtaking wide views, but it’s his middle and close shots that will leave you mesmerized. Any director planning to use 3D should take notes--even you, Mr. Cameron! This is how it should be done! In too many films, 3D is used solely for the purpose of having things pop off the screen to make the audience jump, but Scott uses his first time in the 3D ring to bring an incredible amount of depth to the screen in nearly every scene.

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