Looper: Review

Posted 28/01/2013



Photo Credit: Alan Markfield | © 2012, Looper, LLC. All rights reserved.

Lots of time-travel movies have explored the idea that altering the past can reshape the future. But “Looper” puts a unique and thrilling spin on the premise: What if you traveled back in time to meet your younger self…and he was waiting to kill you?

In 2042, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a “looper,” or assassin who wipes out people sent back in time by a mob operating 30 years in the future. The position offers early retirement, in more ways than one: When you “close the loop,” or kill your future self, you cash in and leave the gig. But of course, in 30 years you’ll find yourself on the other end of that same gun.

When Joe fails to close the loop and lets his future self (Bruce Willis) escape, he’s desperate to hunt him down … but it turns out it’s difficult to outwit your older, more experienced self! Soon both Joes are being pursued by the mob, and must change the course of their shared life…or lose it.

“Looper” is a totally entertaining and novel sci-fi action film. And it smartly sidesteps getting into too much detail about the logistics of time travel, which usually just hurts viewers’ brains. Instead, it gives us tense, thrilling action sequences and interesting supporting characters like beautiful but tough farmer Sarah (Emily Blunt) and her reeeally intense son, Sid (Pierce Gagnon, quite a commanding presence at a young age).

It’s impressive to see how Gordon-Levitt subtly transforms himself to resemble Willis, mimicking signature mannerisms like the crinkly eyes and trace of a smirk. As for Willis, he may have recently mocked his aging-action-hero image in “Expendables 2,” but in “Looper,” he proves he can still blow away baddies with the best of them. It’s understandable given the plot, but a shame, that Willis and JGL don’t get more scenes together, as we savored watching these two talented actors play off each other.

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