Hit and Run: Review

Posted 01/02/2013


Hit and Run

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Reed

Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) has a quiet new life after testifying against his former bank-robbing partner Dmitri (Bradley Cooper) and entering the Witness Protection Plan. Relocated in a sleepy town, Charlie settles down with Annie, the girl of his dreams (Kristen Bell), and has a strangely friendly relationship with the incompetent federal marshal (Tom Arnold) assigned to protect him. Life is good.

But when Annie has to relocate for a new job, Charlie is forced to decide between a safe life in Witness Protection or a happy life with the woman he loves. He goes with the latter … and that's when his old life comes back to haunt him in the form of an angry, vengeful, dreadlocked Dmitri, who hasn't forgotten that his former friend testified against him.

Dax Shepard pulls off the trifecta as writer, director, and star of this bizarre comedy caper, and 'Hit and Run' definitely reflects his style. His love of cars, wry sense of humour, and loyalty to his friends are all woven throughout. The car chases are loud and fast; the lemon party surprises more than one group of intruders; the Charles Bronson reference isn't the one you're thinking of (we'll let you Google them both on your own); and the cast is comprised of his real-life friends and fiancé (Bell). You're definitely going to laugh a lot and feel like you know Dax a little bit better after this one.

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