Dredd: Review

Posted 14/01/2013



Photo Credit: Joe Alblas - Photo courtesy of Lionsgate / Reliance Entertainment

Far too many action movies go through the motions of giving us a token glimpse inside the hero’s psyche. This one doesn’t even give us a glimpse of the hero’s eyes. Instead, ‘Dredd’ gives hard-core action fans exactly what they want—bloodshed, and lots of it. Lots and lots of it!

‘Dredd’ is set in a post-apocalyptic future where millions live in a crime-ridden ‘mega-city’ that spans what used to be Boston to Washington, D.C. The only people standing in the way of total anarchy are the ‘judges’: bad-ass law enforcement officers who take care of arrest, sentencing and execution in one fell swoop. (Talk about efficient!)

When hardened Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) goes on patrol with wide-eyed rookie Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), who happens to have psychic powers, they run afoul of ruthless drug lord/gang leader Ma-Ma (Lena Headley). Soon they find themselves trapped in a giant housing complex with a city’s worth of people after them, led by Ma-Ma and her crew of vicious thugs. The judges’ only chance of making it out alive is…well, we mentioned the bloodshed already, so you’ve probably got the idea.

Unlike the 1995 dud about Dredd, this movie is seriously intense, with nonstop violence on an epic scale. Urban makes an awesome action hero—beneath the mask he manages to convey the perfect range of emotions, from pissed-off to really pissed off. And the visuals are gritty and inventive, especially the slow-motion sequences (filmed from the POV of people on a futuristic drug that seems to alter the speed time passes). Catch ‘Dredd’ in 3D if you can—the thrill of seeing the gore splatter is well worth the extra cash.

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