Cabin in the Woods: Review

Posted 25/06/2012


Cabin in the Woods
‘Cabin in the Woods’ takes all the elements of your standard horror-movie cliché…and twists them into a unique sci-fi/fantasy hybrid that could only have come from the mind of iconic TV writer Joss Whedon and ‘Cloverfield’ scribe Drew Goddard.

The premise is formulaic enough as horror goes—or so it seems: Five college students take a road trip to a ramshackle (you guessed it) cabin in a desolate stretch of (you guessed it) woods. But if you’re expecting a maniac in a hockey mask to jump out of the bushes, think again: The menace here is way, way weirder.

‘Cabin in the Woods’ features a talented cast who are mostly relative newcomers, with the exception of recent breakout star Chris Hemsworth (we're pretty sure there’s some sort of industry bylaw stating that every film released in 2012 must feature at least one Hemsworth), a script rich with signature Whedon wit, and copious amounts of gore. Character actors Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins are brilliant in the roles of…well, we can't really tell you. But they’re brilliant! And Fran Kranz, as the burnout of the group, brings the LOLs even in scenes where the terror factor is off the charts.

The flick will definitely satisfy fans of horror—and confound those lovers of the genre who think they’ve already seen every twist there is to turn. Trust us…you’ve never seen a horror movie quite like this!

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