Battleship: Review

Posted 20/08/2012



Photo Credit: © 2011 - Universal Pictures

Confused about how a bare-bones board game inspired a big-budget blockbuster? Just go with it: “Battleship” has very little in common with the old-school game, but it does have awesome special effects, an incredibly hot cast, and lots and lots of stuff blowing up. Really, what more could you ask for?

Taylor Kitsch stars as Alex Hopper, a hotheaded and screwup-prone naval officer trying to prove himself to his commanding officer, Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson)—who also happens to be the father of his fiancee, gorgeous Sam Shane (Brooklyn Decker). When extraterrestrial forces descend upon Earth, land in the sea off the Hawaii coast, and proceed to wreak mass destruction across the globe, it’s up to Kitsch and his crew to save the planet.

Simplistic? Sure. “Battleship” is unabashedly an explosion-centric popcorn flick. But it goes out of its way to establish back story so we know what’s at stake for the leads (er, other than the fate of the planet, of course). As he gamely did in “John Carter,” Kitsch commits to making us care about his character rather than seeing him as second fiddle to the FX. Rihanna, playing a petty officer in her first film role, nails the cool confidence of the iconic badass action-movie chick. And did we mention that lots and lots of stuff blows up?

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