American Reunion: Review

Posted 10/09/2012


American Reunion
There have been several sequels to 1999's teen comedy classic 'American Pie'—but it's been years since we saw the entire cast together again, so 'American Reunion' is an apt title in more ways than one. Though the kids from East Great Falls High Class of 1999 have grown up (well, some of them), they're as raunchy, randy, and silly as ever—and as in the original 'Pie', despite the gross-out gags, there's a sweet earnestness at the heart of the movie.

'American Reunion' finds the entire gang gathering for their 13th high school reunion and dealing with how much their lives have changed—or haven't. Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) are now married with a kid and frustrated with their love life. Oz is a sportscaster with a glam but shallow L.A. lifestyle. Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is an architect but more of a house-husband. Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is an international man of mystery. And Stifler (Scott)...well, he's still the same old Stifler, except that the social landscape around him has changed. During their wild hometown weekend, old feelings are rekindled, new romances are sparked, wacky hijinks occur ... and so much booze is consumed that it may damage your liver just watching.

Although Jim is ostensibly the hero of the movie, Stifler is—surprisingly enough—its heart. Though he's playing the one character who supposedly hasn't changed, Scott shows remarkable range, evolving from the gleeful mischief maker we know and loathe to a vulnerable guy realizing he's not a kid anymore. While some plot lines seem a bit forced, especially those involving the newly introduced characters (a hot 18-year-old crushing on her dorky 30-something former babysitter? Really?), Stifler's brash, boisterous energy keeps the movie lively and LOL-worthy throughout.

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