The Top 5 Oscar Snubs of 2013

Posted 17/01/2013


The Top 5 Oscar Snubs of 2013
'Lincoln' got a lot of love from the Academy, but other movies got robbed! Here are some of the most criminal slights.

Matthew McConaughey, 'Magic Mike'
Alright, alright, alright...so an Oscar nomination for a movie about male strippers might be a bit of a long shot. But just because a character does not don a shirt throughout the entire film does not mean that it's not a Serious Performance! Seriously, Matthew's bronzed abs—and oh yeah, his surprisingly nuanced characterization of a beefcake impresario—should have helped him earn a supporting actor nod for 'Magic Mike'. Maybe next year they'll have a Best Supporting Six-Pack category?

Kathryn Bigelow, 'Zero Dark Thirty'
When announcing the Best Director nominees, Seth MacFarlane quipped that they were the five people best at 'sitting in a chair and watching other people make a movie.' But we're pretty sure there's more to it than that! Kathryn Bigelow scored both Best Director AND Best Picture trophies for her last film, 'The Hurt Locker'—but this year, while 'Zero Dark Thirty' got a nod for best pic, she was left off the list of helmers. Is James Cameron somehow behind this?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson, 'Django Unchained'
We're counting these two fine actors in one spot because it's difficult to pick which one should have been up for Best Supporting Actor alongside 'Django Unchained' costar Christoph Waltz. But DiCaprio, as a sadistic plantation owner, and Jackson, as his slave/right-hand man, make one heck of a dysfunctional duo in Quentin Tarantino's controversial film.

Critics and fans agree: 'Skyfall' is one of the best James Bond movies ever—and stands on its own as a great film even if you're not a 007 fan. But though Adele's title theme is pretty much a lock for best original song, lead Daniel Craig was overlooked in the best actor category, Judi Dench and Javier Bardem were snubbed in supporting categories, director Sam Mendes was dissed, and the movie didn't get a nod for best picture. Seriously, Academy, nine best picture nominees—would it have killed you to add one more?

Ben Affleck , 'Argo'
The bad news: This snub was a double whammy, with Affleck being overlooked as both lead actor and director of 'Argo'. The good news: The wrong has already been righted—with 'Argo' nabbing best picture and Affleck best director at the Golden Globes! He graciously paid tribute to his fellow nominees...but we're pretty sure he wanted to crow 'I beat Spielberg!' Let's hope all these talents overlooked by Oscar get their moment in the sun too.