Sequel Mania! ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Countdown Begins

Posted 07/12/2012


Sequel Mania! ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Countdown Begins

Photo Credit: WireImage

Plus, 'Anchorman 2' may get Kristen Wiig, 'Spider-Man 2' may get a Green Goblin, and more.

Trekkies are beside themselves with excitement right now. No, none of them actually landed a date with a girl—we're talking about the big reveal of the first teaser poster and trailer for 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' the sequel to the reboot (yes, we know how silly that sounds). The still unidentified villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch dominates both, with his figure looming large in the poster and his voice narrating the trailer. Some fans are speculating that Cumberbatch's character may be Khan, the evil tyrant scene-chewingly played by Ricardo Montalban in 1982's 'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.'

Check out the poster...what do you think of it?

Speaking of sequels to reboots...'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' has cast an actor to play Harry Osborn, who eventually morphs into the villainous Green Goblin—though it's not certain that he'll do so in this movie, with yet a third movie on the way.

Plus, 'Tron: Legacy'—a 2010 sequel to a 1982 movie, which felt more like a reboot—may get its own sequel. Though 'Legacy' wasn't all that well received, the Hollywood Reporter reports that its worldwide box office numbers were good enough to warrant Disney putting a sequel into production. So far the only title that has surfaced is 'Tron 3'—not too descriptive, but at least we know it's a sequel to a sequel!

And finally, just in case you weren't convinced that every new movie in development is a retread of familiar ground...According to The Wrap, 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues' may bring aboard funnywoman Kristen Wiig. We're actually really excited about this one—although star Will Ferrell may not be, considering there's a good chance she will steal every scene she's in!