Weekly Movie News Roundup 21.09.2012

Posted 21/09/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 21.09.2012

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Is the ‘Magic’ gone?
Channing Tatum, why are you toying with us like this? Soon after male stripper flick ‘Magic Mike’ was certified a hit, the buff star declared a sequel was a go. (Yay!) But just this week he told MTV News that director Steven Soderbergh is not attached to the project ... and Channing is no longer sure if it’s a go. (Boo!) He also shot down a rumour that he himself would direct the movie. Now that’s actually good news—we prefer him in front of the camera, not behind it!

Robsten reunited?!
Okay, so maybe this isn’t news so much as gossip, but OMG OMG OMG, THIS IS HUGE AND WE HAD TO SHARE! According to People magazine, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunited last weekend. Granted, not in a full-on ‘back together’ way...but the estranged lovebirds did meet up in Los Angeles, hopefully to work things out! And Rob’s pals ‘think they’ll be a couple again,’ according to an unnamed insider. So, what do YOU think? Do you want to see Bella and Edward’s off-screen alter egos together forever? Or do you think Rob should refuse to forgive Kristen? If they don’t make their decision public, no doubt we’ll figure it out when we observe their body language at the ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ premiere. Stay tuned....

Oscars online
The Academy Awards have a reputation for being a bit behind the times, but now they’ve apparently caught up with the 21st century. For the first time ever, voters will be able to make their picks via online ballots. (You can just hear the Academy members: ‘Internet? Is that the thing the kids today have on their computers?’) Plus, the announcement has been bumped up to 10 January—three days before the Golden Globes, meaning that ceremony will lose its long-time rep for predicting the year’s Oscar nominees. So the stodgy old Academy has some new tricks after all!