Weekly Movie News Roundup 10.08.2012

Posted 10/08/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 10.08.2012

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Joss Whedon will repeat ‘Avengers’ feat
You might have heard that a little movie called ‘The Avengers’ did rather well at the box office this year. Uh, make that, it became the 3rd-highest grossing movie of all time! So it was probably a no-brainer decision when director Joss Whedon agreed, as announced this week, to return for the sequel. But we’re guessing that Whedon didn’t just sign on for the money—he actually cares about doing justice to the comic book characters so beloved to fans worldwide. Which means even those of us who don’t get a cut of the profits are celebrating this deal!

Affleck to direct ‘Justice League’?
And speaking of superhero supergroups, there’s talk that Ben Affleck is in the running to helm ‘Justice League,’ the planned mashup of iconic DC Comics characters like Superman and Batman. ‘Variety’ says the actor-director has a meeting to discuss the gig and has received the top-secret script for review. There’s also a chance he could take on one of the superhero roles. Thus far, Affleck has directed films that are dark and you think he’s the right pick to make ‘Justice League’?

Gael Garcia Bernal honoured
At 33, Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal is the youngest recipient of the Excellence Award presented at the Locarno Film Festival, held annually in Switzerland. Though he’s relatively young, the star has a 20-plus-year career and has acted in more than 40 projects. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the five-foot-six actor accepted the award saying, ‘I think I still have a lot of room to grow. Perhaps not in terms of height, but in terms of experience.’

Weekly casting news roundup

- The ‘Catching Fire’ casting news keeps on rolling in! The latest dish on the much-anticipated ‘Hunger Games’ sequel includes this tidbit: Patrick St. Esprit is set to play the cruel Romulus Thread, one of the ironically named Peacekeepers, who’s responsible for Gale being flogged. Mind you, this scene will involve Liam Hemsworth being shirtless ... so as far as we’re concerned, Thread’s not such a bad guy.

- Also cast for ‘Catching Fire’: District 2’s tough tributes and former Hunger Games champs Brutus and Enobaria, who will be played by actor Bruno Gunn and actress Meta Golding(she’s pictured above). They’re both relative unknowns, which means fans of the book series can’t really rant and rave about whether they’re right for the roles...we’ll just have to wait and see!

- And speaking—again—of the ‘Catching Fire’ cast, Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to branch out from Katniss with a role in ‘The Ends of the Earth.’ She would play the mistress—and adopted daughter!—of an oil tycoon, whose empire crumbles when their relationship is discovered. Creepy alert: It’s based on a true story!