Weekly Movie News Roundup 27.07.2012

Posted 27/07/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 27.07.2012
‘Dark Knight’ tragedy
The horrific mass shooting at a ‘Dark Knight Rises’ midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado, cast a terrible shadow over its release. But many moviegoers aren’t letting the tragedy frighten them away from the film. Warner Bros. held off on releasing box office numbers at first out of respect for the victims. But the studio has since revealed that the movie broke Imax records worldwide and had the best opening of any 2D film in the U.S. ever.

Warner Bros. has announced plans to make a donation to charities that are supporting victims of the Aurora tragedy. And star Christian Bale popped in to a local hospital to visit wounded survivors there. But the U.S. continues to reel from the senseless horror that befell innocent movie fans.

‘Gangster Squad’ bumped
The shooting at the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ midnight screening has affected another movie as well. The release date of ‘Gangster Squad,’ a 1940s mobster movie starring Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin, has been pushed back for reshoots and re-editing. Why? Coincidentally, a key scene features gangsters shooting up a movie theatre. With good reason, it was deemed too uncomfortably similar to the recent horror in Colorado.

Weekly casting news roundup

- An unlikely but very exciting addition to the lineup in Robert Rodriguez’s sequel ‘Machete Kills’ is none other than LADY GAGA! The pop diva plays a character called La Chameleón. The director tweeted after filming her that ‘she kicked SO MUCH ASS! Holy Smokes. Blown away!’ We’re guessing that will be our reaction to the movie. Can. Not. Wait!

- Young actress Joey King, who appears in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ has reportedly been cast as the daughter of Channing Tatum’s character in ‘White House Down.’ We know he’s old enough to have a kid…but after ‘Magic Mike,’ it’s kinda hard to picture him as the dad type!

- Alex Pettyfer has been cast to play the love interest of Kristen Stewart in the thriller ‘Cali,’ according to Variety. The film has been seeking a male lead for some months now, but the timing of the announcement is slightly ironic: No doubt the last thing K-Stew needs right now is to have her name linked with another man’s.