Weekly Movie News Roundup 20.07.2012

Posted 20/07/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 20.07.2012

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Juicy ‘Catching Fire’ scoop!
There’s so much exciting buzz around additions to the ‘Catching Fire’ cast, we couldn’t relegate it all to our weekly casting roundup!

The role of hottie Finnick Adair—the plum part in the first ‘Hunger Games’ sequel and fans’ most hotly debated casting choice—finally has a front-runner. It’s Sam Claflin of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ (above), according to ‘Variety.’ The trade mag also reports that Academy Award winner Melissa Leo may play elderly tribute Mags, while Tony Shalhoub may play tech whiz Beetee.

Now, none of those three choices have been locked in as of press time … but we did get one official casting confirmation this week! Veteran character actress Amanda Plummer has signed on as the unhinged (but perceptive) District 3 tribute Wiress.

Of course, we’re talking about a fiercely beloved book series, and many readers’ hearts must be set on seeing a different actor in any or all of these roles. So if you’re a fan of the novels, what do you think of these casting choices? Do you approve…or have better ideas?

‘Spider-Man’ director may not return for sequel
Two sequels to the mega-successful ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ have already been announced...but there’s a chance that director Marc Webb may not be back on board to helm them. Sony exec Douglas Belgrad explained to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘We'd really like him back, but there are obstacles. He has an obligation to Fox’—meaning he owes the studio a movie. Oh, come on, the dude was born to direct ‘Spider-Man’ movies—his name is Webb, for crying out loud!

Weekly casting news roundup
- Another post-Harry Potter role for Daniel Radcliffe: The former boy wizard will play a man who suddenly has horns growing out of his head in the fantasy thriller ‘Horns,’ Variety reports. Clearly he’s not worried about being pigeonholed in the magic genre.

- Emma Roberts will appear in the comedy ‘We’re the Millers’ with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. They’ll pretend to be a family as a front for a marijuana deal.

- Ooh, we’re extremely excited about this very promising first-time collaboration! Quirky-cool actor Johnny Depp has signed on to star in quirky-cool director Wes Anderson’s next film, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ per the Hollywood Reporter. No word on whether their quirky-cool colleagues Tim Burton and Owen Wilson plan to join forces for a rival project.