2012 MTV Movie Awards Nominee Spotlight: Best On-Screen Dirtbag

Posted 18/05/2012


2012 MTV Movie Awards Nominee Spotlight: Best On-Screen Dirtbag

Photo Credit: © 2011 Warner Brothers Entertainment / Suzanne Hanover – © 2011 Universal Studios

No doubt all of these actors are lovely people in real life. That's what proves they're good actors—they brought some absolutely hateful characters to life onscreen! And somehow, even made them fun to watch. Check out the delightfully detestable contenders for this brand-new Movie Awards category:

Bryce Dallas Howard, 'The Help'
As a racist Southern belle in the 1960s South, Bryce Dallas Howard's character Hilly Holbrook is definitely on the wrong side of history. She treats her African-American servants so nastily, it's satisfying to see her get a truly nasty comeuppance.

Colin Farrell, 'Horrible Bosses'
Arrogant, obnoxious, and superficial—not to mention a drug addict—Bobby Pellitt is totally the boss from hell. And he couldn't be more unlike the hunky, heroic leading man that we're used to seeing Colin Farrell play!

Jennifer Aniston, 'Horrible Bosses'
As Dr. Julia Harris, a randy dentist who won't take no for an answer from her newly engaged assistant, Aniston is truly loathsome. But it's a hoot to see her play a baddie instead of her usual cute romantic-comedy heroine!

Jon Hamm, 'Bridesmaids'
We've seen flicks about friends with benefits…but this dude is more like a liability. Normally it's hard to imagine any woman kicking Jon Hamm to the curb. But as Kristen Wiig's ego-crushing hookup buddy, he made audiences scream, "DUMP HIM!!!"

Oliver Cooper, 'Project X'
As Costa, newcomer Oliver Cooper is the worst best friend a guy could have: He's rude, crude, and sexist...and oh yeah, he organizes a birthday party that gets so out of control, his pal's house is trashed and riots break out. And yet, he still makes us LOL!

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