First Look at Angelina As ‘Maleficent’

Posted 19/06/2012


First Look at Angelina As ‘Maleficent’


Move over, Charlize—there’s a new evil queen in town. Angelina Jolie has just begun production on ‘Maleficent’, her already eagerly anticipated movie about Sleeping Beauty’s arch-nemesis. The film will reveal her back-story and why she became the sort of person who would put a terrible curse on an innocent baby princess.

Along with the Oscar-winning actress, ‘Maleficent’, set for release in 2014 (we have to wait that long?!), costars Elle Fanning as the aforementioned princess, Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty. Considering how sweet and ethereal the lovely Elle was in ‘Super 8’, we think it’s a great casting choice.

And since the animated 1959 version of Maleficent was kind of the original Goth chick, we think it’s the perfect role for Angie—she can channel her angsty, all-black-wearing pre-motherhood self. And the first photo from the film shoot has us even more excited...she’s totally rocking the iconic bad-ass horned hat!

What do you think of Angelina as Maleficent—will her performance redefine the classic character?