2012 MTV Movie Awards Nominee Spotlight: Best On-Screen Transformation

Posted 04/05/2012


2012 MTV Movie Awards Nominee Spotlight: Best On-Screen Transformation
The irony of movie acting: The more famous you get, the harder it is to truly disappear into a role. But this year, a handful of seasoned stars and Hollywood newbies managed to morph into their characters so completely, they were nearly unrecognizable. Check out the nominees for the first-EVER Movie Award for Best On-Screen Transformation.

Colin Farrell, 'Horrible Bosses'
It's hard to even imagine a world where Colin Farrell is not hot—and we certainly wouldn't want to live in it! But in "Horrible Bosses," he somehow ably inhabits a character who is balding, paunchy, and an arrogant coke-head jerk to boot. Bravo!...we think.

Elizabeth Banks, 'The Hunger Games'
Pink hair, outlandish clothes, shocking on-stage appearances… no, we're not talking about Katy Perry, but rather, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in 'Hunger Games.' The actress's transformation was totally freaky—but totally true to the book character.

Johnny Depp, '21 Jump Street'
After years of Captain Jack Sparrow, we've grown accustomed to seeing Johnny Depp in makeup and wigs. But his wig, prosthetics, and makeup in his '21 Jump Street' cameo fooled everyone. Let's hope he's not a Method actor… otherwise that tattoo his character mentions must have been painful!

Michelle Williams, 'My Week With Marilyn'
Michelle Williams took a risk by portraying one of the all-time most iconic Hollywood legends, Marilyn Monroe. But after studying the tragic actress's mannerisms, Williams became a different person for the cameras—just like Marilyn herself.

Rooney Mara, 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
Tattoos, piercings, hair, and attitude—Rooney Mara made a major commitment both physically and psychologically to do justice to Lisbeth Salander. Her efforts paid off: Fans of the book series approved.

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