Exclusive: ‘Warm Bodies’ Red Carpet Chat

Posted 01/02/2013


Exclusive: ‘Warm Bodies’ Red Carpet Chat

Photo Credit: Getty Images

‘Warm Bodies’ is getting red-hot buzz. The ‘zom-rom-com’ based on a popular novel tells the story of undead-but-still-sensitive R, who falls in love with human girl Julie. With a clever mix of horror, action, romance, and humor—plus the chemistry of super-cute onscreen couple Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer—this movie could do for zombies what ‘Twilight’ did for vampires.

So, we weren’t terribly surprised when 83% of movie fans who voted in our online poll said they’re excited to see ‘Warm Bodies.’ At a January screening of the movie, we hit the red carpet to inform the stars of our unscientific survey (Hoult said it was ‘very kind of everyone to vote’ and Palmer crowed ‘Fantastic! I’m happy to hear it!’) and ask them why they think people are so excited about the film.

‘I think it’s the fact that it’s kind of a fresh new twist,’ said blue-eyed Brit hunk Hoult, who also headlines ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ this year (minus the hotness-obscuring zombie makeup he sports as R). ‘It comes up with new ideas, but it’s still respectful to the zombie genre. [Director Jonathan Levine]’s taken it and just moved it in a new direction.’

‘I think we’ve really pushed the boundaries in terms of the zombie genre,’ seconds gorgeous Australian actress Palmer, who plays Julie. ‘I haven’t ever seen a zombie film told from the perspective of the zombie before! I think that’s a breath of fresh air, and it's new and different.’

‘I think Hollywood more often than not makes movies that are carbon copies of other films,’ Palmer notes. ‘And it’s not every day that you get such an original concept. I think people are excited about that!’

She’s quite right. And after seeing the funny, heartwarming, action-packed ‘Warm Bodies,’ we can assure all those excited people that they will not be disappointed!