Weekly Movie News Roundup 04.05.2012

Posted 04/05/2012


Weekly Movie News Roundup 04.05.2012
Mark signs a Hulk-ing contract
We thought Mark Ruffalo was amazing in the role of the Hulk/Bruce Banner in ‘The Avengers’—and it turns out that studio execs agree. While two previous big-screen versions of the angry green guy’s story failed to pan out into franchises, Ruffalo has already signed on for not one, not two, but SIX movies as the Marvel character! Of course, the upcoming movies might not all be Hulk-centric, since the massive box office success of ‘The Avengers’ makes it a no-brainer that a sequel (or two, or six) to the superhero ensemble piece will be green-lit. The only trick will be finding a time when seven superstars’ calendars are clear!

New ‘Hunger Games’ sequel director speaks
It’s official: Francis Lawrence is taking over from ‘Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross to helm the (first) sequel, ‘Catching Fire.’ And he’s already reaching out to fans who may be worried that he won’t do the book series justice as the first film instalment did. (Ross walked away from the project citing the tight shooting timeframe.) As our friends at pointed out, Lawrence posted a message on Facebook urging fans to ‘post and let me know what you’re most excited to see in this adaptation as we aim to make something truly faithful and spectacular!’ Let’s hope he pulls it off!

Weekly casting news roundup
New roles for Edward and Bella! (Sorry, Twi-hards—not together.) In ‘Mission: Blacklist,’ Robert Pattinson will play the Army interrogator who helped forces find Saddam Hussein in his hideout, per the Hollywood Reporter. And Kristen Stewart will star in the dark action movie ‘Cali,’ Variety reports. A producer calls her role ‘edgy and sexy.’ ... The daily also reports that Rooney Mara will take the lead in ‘Brooklyn,’ the story of a rural 1950s Irishwoman who uproots her life to move to New York. Plus, she’s close to signing on to a so-far-untitled Spike Jonze film about a man enamored with a computer’s voice. Both films sound intriguing—and props to Rooney for picking roles that couldn’t be more different than Lisbeth Salander!