5 Upcoming Movie Remakes

Posted 23/08/2012


5 Upcoming Movie Remakes

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Whenever a movie studio announces plans for another remake, the reaction among fans and pundits is always the same: Hollywood doesn't have any new ideas. But we like to look on the bright side of things, which is why we're so happy when we hear of a cool remake or reboot. Hey, who needs new ideas when there are already so many great old ideas waiting to be rediscovered?

With that in mind, our friends at NextMovie have compiled a list of upcoming Hollywood remakes. Here are a few we’re intrigued by:

Attached: Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore
Status: Back in 1976, audiences shivered at the sight of Sissy Spacek being doused with pig's blood by a-hole high school students and then taking her revenge through the therapeutic application of telekinesis. Considering how iconic that film has become in the annals of horror movies, remaking it will be a tall task, but MGM has taken a big step in the right direction by signing on ‘Kick-Ass’ star Chloe Grace Moretz to play the lead. And the director is someone who knows a thing or two about the difficulties that face girls growing up these days; Kimberly Peirce, who directed ‘Boys Don't Cry,’ is helming the remake.

'Red Dawn'
Attached: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Status: Hemsworth (‘Thor’) headlines this updating of the 1984 Cold War classic, which this time around features an invasion from China rather than the Soviet Union. First-time director and former stuntman Dan Bradley has kept the rest of the premise intact, so expect to see plenty of heroics from America's youth as they lead a Midwestern resistance against our commie foes. This film was completed in 2009 and has been delayed several times by its struggling distributor, MGM; with Hemsworth becoming a star, though, it may finally see the light of dawn, so to speak.

'A Star Is Born'
Attached: Beyoncé, Tom Cruise (rumored)
Status: This high-profile remake of the 1954 classic ‘A Star Is Born,’ which tells the very Hollywood story of the revenge, madness and cutthroat backstage politics faced by big-time movie stars, was supposed to already be in production. Then star Beyoncé went and got all preggers and the film, which is being directed by Clint Eastwood, had to be postponed. Still, now that her baby bump is an actual baby, things should take off again, maybe even in time for a 2013 release; filming could begin as early as the end of the summer.

'My Fair Lady'
Attached: Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth (rumored)
Status: Carey Mulligan has a closet full of shoes to fill as Eliza, the working-class girl who is turned into a paragon of the upper crust as part of a social experiment. Not only is she stepping into a role that Audrey Hepburn made famous, she's also replacing Keira Knightley, who dropped out of the production along with director John Madden. They may be gone, but Oscar winner Colin Firth has been chatting up the possibility of playing male lead Henry Higgins, and we all know how well Firth does when speech therapy is part of the script.

Attached: Ryan Reynolds (rumored)
Status: There can be only one. Unless, of course, you're talking about sequels, remakes and spinoffs, in which case there can be just about as many version of ‘Highlander’ as you can imagine. Luckily for fans of immortality, ‘28 Weeks Later’ director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has just such an imagination, which is why he's teaming up with ‘Iron Man’ screenwriter Matt Holloway for a remake of this 1986 cult hit. They may want to work on a new tag line, though.

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